Entrance from the South Side, Old Town of Xanthi

The city of Xanthi didn’t exist during ancient times. However during the Byzantine Empire, there was a city with the name Xanthia which was built on the hill north west of the present city of Xanthi. The name Xanthia first appears in 879 a...

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George Matsopoulos’ residence, Old Town of Xanthi

The building is built, in the decade of 1890 - 1900 by the doctor George Matsopoulos, husband of the daughter of the landowner Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, who was married to Helen Kougioumtzoglou. The doctor, since 1894, settled in Komotini an...

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Church of John the Baptist, Old Town of Xanthi

The Holy Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was built around 1839, by workers of Epirus, when bishop was Eugene. During this period, the reform decree of Sultan, the Hatt-i Serif, gave privileges to all, non-Muslim communities of the Ottoman...

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Matsineia School, Old Town of Xanthi

The Matsineia School, was built in 1863, with a donation of tobacco merchant and landowner, benefactor of the city, Michael Metaxas Mazzini. The people of Xanthi, in the spirit of solidarity and self-awareness that distinguished them during...

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Entrance, Nestos

The river Nestos or Nessos for the ancient Greeks was according to mythology, Ocean’s son and Kallirrois’ father. Kalliroi according to the legend was Vistona’s wife. The river Nestos stems from Rodopi and crosses the whole mountain range. ...

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Straits Entrance, Nestos

The entrance of Stena Nestos after a course of 243 kilometers from Rila Mountains in Southern Bulgaria and then through Rodopi ,covering 130 kilometers of the Greek territory , arrives near the end of his route , which is the point slight...

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Kiosk , Nestos

Kiosk Reaching the end of a long turn of the path and on a great spot for panoramic view, after walking for about 20 minutes, we are given the chance to examine the area from north to south and observe the great variety of the landscape a...

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Entrance 2, Abdera

The first Greek colonists arrived, to this Thracian corner, during the middle of the 7th century BC. Their origin was from Klazomenes, a city which existed on the coast of the land of Minor Asia and located opposite of the island of Chios. ...

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