Mare's Mansion

Mare's Mansion

In many cases, the old citizens of Maronia have embedded, as decorative elements, on the exterior sites of their houses and their churches, as it was very common during these days, ancient carved stones, marble inscriptions, figurines or even column capitals, all coming from the close by archaeological site.

Marble slab riser section, possibly from the facade of funerary monument. This piece is located at the present village of Maronia while built at Mare’s house. This piece is about a fragmentary funerary inscription. It is dated back to the 3rd – 4th century AD. The text carved on it is the following: [ ----] τη Μουσῶν χάριτι (having the grace of the Muses)

[--σο]φἤ φρενί (the rationale of the wise)

[----]τιμὼν θέμιν (honoring justice)

4 [----]τον κρατὼν (those having power)

[--εύ]θύνει νόῳ (with the liability of mind)


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