Northern Basilica. Ruins of an older one-room chapel

Northern Basilica. Ruins of an older one-room chapel

Northern Basilica. Ruins of an older one-room chapel

It is easily distinguished that the Northern Basilica was rebuilt on the ruins of a one-room chapel, which was built around 400 - 425. A hundred or so years later, around 500, the three-aisled basilica was built. Today we see, what was revealed of this church by the archaeologists.

The two early Christian basilicas operate until the early 7th century when the use of quarries stops and all of them were permanently abandoned.

Next to the Northern Christian Basilica, as we have already seen, there is the Southern Christian Basilica. It is obviously bigger, had a pulpit, gallery and many rooms at the south part. It communicated with the Northern Basilica and its atrium, through three openings in the wall.

Today, two columns of the internal colonnades of the Southern Early Christian basilica have been restored; the mainstay of the oldest damn was preserved, while in the area, there are only the foundations of the pulpit and the first rung of the western scale.

At the incision, along the designing restoration of the South Early Christian basilica you can see on the left the arch of the sanctuary, on the right the cast with the staircase leading to the attic, the pulpit in the main aisle with relief decoration, the colonnade of the main temple and the attic decorated with relief slabs.

The pulpit is decorated with relief slabs, now no longer visible in the area. They bear relief representations of peacocks, vine with birds, trees, undiagnosed type of quadruped animals and plants. The given drawing is kept in the Archaeological Museum of Thassos in Limenas.


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