Quarry of Group A. Ancient carving on the rock depicting a ship

Quarry of Group A. Ancient carving on the rock depicting a ship

Quarry of group A. Lifting Techniques

The exploitation of marble began during antiquity, in the center of the peninsula. The quarries in the area of Alyki are classified into three groups which coincide with three different periods. The operation of the quarries of group A within the peninsula dates back from the 6th century, namely the Archaic period, and decays in the early Christian times. The exploitation of marble left several traces: rock sections, traces of the quarrying techniques and the cranes used to lift the blocks, but also breccia depositions, that is the waste created by the processing of the marble at the quarries of group B, which were promoted at the empty spaces of the quarries of group A.

Around the area we notice the obvious traces of ancient technology, as they have been saved until today, carved on the rock. In the picture we see the mounting hole of the side wooden beams of the crane, used for lifting and moving marble bulks. The wooden beams, probably from local pines that were cut on the spot and were processed appropriately, were able to withstand the loads that had to be moved.

On the bedrock you can notice, even today, the appropriate side to side carvings (noose), which were able to keep securely the ropes which were holding the core of the crane that was used in this quarry.

The cited drawing shows a crane with cage wheels, in which one or more men walked, so that the rotation of the cage would permit the lifting of the marble blocks. The method of the attachment of the machine on the ground is also distinguished, but also the hauling ropes with the pulleys, which were used to lift loads. Such machines were used for lifting very heavy loads.


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