Greek Consulate

Greek Consulate

The building was built in the period of 1890 - 1910, and during the Ottoman rule, serves for short periods, as the seat of the Greek Consulate.

In the picture, it is possibly a celebration of March 25, 1933, in Metropoleos Square . Architectural Description: This is, a two-storey building, with independent houses per floor, and symmetry in faces. It was renovated in 1932. It has no significant external features, except for the prominent doorframes, which integrate vertically the two floors and horizontally, the windows of the first floor. The white doorframes you see, along with the angular, pilasters and cornice create contrast with the beige building. Notice the cast wrought iron, which creates the balcony(exostis). Over time: During the Ottoman rule, the building was used for short periods, as the seat of the Greek Consulate. After the accession of Thrace to the Greek State,it operated as a residence, of the individual priest of the adjacent Cathedral.

View of the building from Lefkada street . How it operates today: The building belongs to the Holy Church of Xanthi and Peritheorio. Today, it operates, downstairs, as Social Practice and Pharmacy,and upstairs, as Byzantine Music School.


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