Pamouktsoglou mansion

Pamouktsoglou mansion

Pamouktsoglou Mansion

At Abdera, in the modern estate, visitors can see buildings from the period of the Ottoman rule.

There are several scattered architectural finery which manage to survive, such as the Pamouktsoglou Mansion as shown. The mansion was built, around 1860 to 1870, from the Constantinople tobacco merchant Panagiotis Pamouktsoglou. It is a typical front-wide castle-house which has crypts, hatches, basement, and even escape routes! The house has a southern orientation and an outdoor paved patio. Since 1979, the mansion became property of the Authority of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and it has temporarily housed the archaeological collection, before the foundation of the Museum. Today, it functions as a hostel, which hosts members of archaeological missions, while at the same time is a place which hosts several cultural events.


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