The inner or transverse walls

The inner or transverse walls

The inner, or transverse walls

The transverse walls of the city, divide it into two almost equal parts. As we pass among them, we are approaching the highest point of the Byzantine small town Polystylon, where there is also the Episcopal Church.

The site within the fortification wall is divided into three parts with two transverse walls, west and east, separating the Byzantine city from west to east in the Lower, the Middle and the Upper City.

West transverse wall

The west, transverse wall is located east of the central gate, and 150meters away from it. The wall is visible in the largest part of its total length which is approximately 155 meters. The wall was built with stones, which were mostly untreated. Very few blocks could get found among these stones. On the west side of the wall there are six towers, which were built similarly to each other, five of which are four-sided and one is circular.

East transverse wall

The east, transverse wall is found across the Middle City and towards the east, 110meters away from the first, transverse wall and towards the east. Its total length is approximately 75meters.

There is a tower formed at the point of the connection of the wall with the northern part of the outer fortification. There is one more tower formed approximately 12.5 meters away from the latter one and towards the south. Few parts of the tower that survived in situ, while other parts of the upper structure have collapsed around him. Considering these remains, the construction could be dated during the post-byzantine years. Perhaps it was a construction activity of John the 6th Kantakouzinos.


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