Entrance from the South Side, Old Town of Xanthi

The city of Xanthi didn’t exist during ancient times. However during the Byzantine Empire, there was a city with the name Xanthia which was built on the hill north west of the present city of Xanthi. The name Xanthia first appears in 879 a...

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Mitropoleos Square, Old Town of Xanthi

Starting from Mitropoleos square, today visitors can discover the most interesting parts of Xanthi’s Old Town. It is also the centre of important cultural events including the “Celebrations of the Old City” which are the most popular ones a...

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Mansion Anna Kaloudis - Kougioumtzoglou, Old Town of Xanthi

The mansion was built in 1877 by the tobacco trader Stavros Hatzistavros or else called Hemikoglou Tzamiha in order to serve as a residence. The date of construction can be seen in the inscription of a wall painting which is over the door a...

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Baschetzis’ residence, Old Town of Xanthi

The building was built in 1880 by Constantine Bahtsetzis who was a gardener in profession and husband of the daughter of Thomas Kougioumtzoglou. The building was built on the land ruled by the heirs of Kougioumtzoglou family a land which wa...

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Athanasios Kougioumtzoglou - Melpo Merlie’s residence , Old Town of Xanthi

The building was built during the decade of 1890-1900, by the tobacco trader, prominent village elder and benefactor of the city, Athanasios Kougioumtzoglou. His great-grand daughter is Melpo Logothetis- Merlie, who was born in Xanthi in 18...

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Chapel of Analipsis, Old Town of Xanthi

The Chapel of the Ascension of Christ, in its current form, was built in the period of 1850 - 1880, possibly over the tenure of Joachim Sgouros. It is reported, that in 1934, it was known by the name of St. Intercessor or otherwise Panagia ...

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Metropolitan Hall , Old Town of Xanthi

The Bishop's Palace was built, in 1897, at the request of Bishop Joachim Sgouros, in the elders of the city, in 1892, to house the services of the Bishop Church of Xanthi and Peritheorio but it also served as living space, of each Bishop. ...

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Galleries, Nestos

Galleries At the end of the 19th century, and during Ottoman Empire’s time, a difficult technical task got completed. T...

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